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Our core philosophy is around prioritising the welfare of society, placing it at the forefront of all our endeavours. We are steadfast in our commitment to embracing innovation in every project we undertake, consistently striving to create value through the meticulous application of advanced methodologies.

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  • Embrace Holistic Health: We understand the deep connection between happiness, positive mindsets, and health, recognizing its profound impact on the immune system.
  • Unique Market Presence: We stand out as one of the few companies globally catering to B2B and B2C markets.
  • Innovation at Core: Our strategy revolves around innovation, integrating it into every stage and process.
  • Collaborative Success: We prioritize collaboration, leveraging collective expertise for individual and organizational growth.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Our approach includes a deep understanding of various cultures, which is essential for successful geographical expansion.
  • Social Responsiveness: We address societal vulnerabilities by acknowledging and responding to the diverse behaviors within society.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: We emphasize sustainable development, ensuring our actions today do not compromise future generations’ abilities to meet their needs.


Clients Testimonials

As a small business owner in New Delhi, I was struggling to find the right balance between work and personal well-being. That’s when I stumbled upon R M Happiness PVT LTD. Their holistic approach to health and wellness, coupled with their expertise in skill enhancement, has been a game changer for me. I’ve not only improved my business efficiency but also my overall quality of life. I’m truly grateful for their guidance and support.


New Delhi

I reached out to R M Happiness PVT LTD for their business support solutions and was amazed by the results. Their team provided me with invaluable insights and strategies that helped me expand my startup in Mumbai. What impressed me the most was their personalized approach and understanding of my specific needs. Their services have been instrumental in my business growth and personal development.



Joining R M Happiness PVT LTD’s skill enhancement program was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career. As an IT professional in Bangalore, staying ahead in the industry is crucial. The training and resources provided by R M Happiness have not only enhanced my professional skills but also improved my approach to health & wellness. Their solutions have had a profound impact on both my professional & personal life.



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